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51 Sports, publisher of, is continually signing up clients for its Sports Services and Web Design work.  Team 51 offers everything from single-time press releases to full campaigns, website development, hero cards and much more.

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Drivers hoping to attract sponsors and/or advance their careers in the sport need to attract exposure.  And if you already have a website, but still need to create more exposure this is the package for you.

The 51 Sports staff can create press releases and distribute them to a national or local media list.  The releases can be pertaining to upcoming races/events (charity functions, sponsor announcements, etc.) or race results.  The 51 Sports distribution lists include people from a variety of areas, including the Associated Press, all the key newspapers, internet sites, television and radio stations, plus key people in NASCAR and the rest of the racing industry.

All you will need to do is keep 51 Sports up-to-date with your happenings and we will do the rest.  Interviews are conducted with drivers and or teams members and press releases are created and distributed.  Of course, since you control your own website, the release will be sent to you for posting.

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Features Include:
+ Professional Press Releases created by 51 Sports
+ Distribution of Press Releases to a wide array of media
+ Distribution lists can be customized to each client’s current or potential prospects

Ok, so a custom website through 51 Sports has your interest peeked and giving you presence above and beyond the others in the industry.  But what if you want that extra edge on the competition?  That is what you get with the 51 Sports "Maximum Exposure" package.  You get all the goodies that come with the Presence package, including a complete custom-designed website built and maintained by 51 Sports.  On top of that, you get a full Public Relations campaign that is designed to help familiarize both local and national media to the driver, team and its sponsor.  Whether it is a small site update, race story for your website or a full press release, 51 Sports will give you the exposure needed to keep your presence known in the industry. We will also professionally write your biography as well as other site page verbiage to give you that extra edge.

51 Sports releases are written and copyedited by our in-house professionals, then sent out to our distribution lists.  Our 51 Sports extensive distribution lists include top writers for both national and local print media outlets, along with television and radio reporters.  That list includes the Associated Press, USA Today, SPEED, ESPN, ESPN Radio and more, plus custom distribution lists for drivers and teams.  It also includes a number of industry insiders, including driver development representatives for major race teams and several key people within NASCAR.

On top of that, photography services at the track are included, when available.

If you are ready to get maximum exposure for your image in the industry, sign up now for the Maximum Exposure package by 51 Sports.

Features Include:
+ Custom photo shoot (photos are for you to keep)
+ Custom-designed site by 51 Sports (unlimited pages)
+ Website fully implemented and managed by 51 Sports
+ Unlimited updates
+ Complete Public Relations package (written web stories and releases)
+ Press releases sent to our massive national and local distribution lists
+ Custom distribution list for press releases (you supply the emails to us)
+ Site prominently listed on and 51 Sports site

In order to make your presence known, you need to be memorable.  That is what a 51 Sports website can do for you.  Our websites capture the appeal of fans through their design, from clean and professional to wild and flashy, and will be tailor-fit to meet your prospective image. 

Starting with a professional photo shoot, 51 Sports will use our unique photography and integrate it within a custom website design and fully implement it with content you provide, including a main page as well as sub-pages for your bio, schedule, results, news, news archive, links, multimedia, contact page and more (unlimited amount of pages).  Your site will be completely maintained throughout the year with unlimited updates you provide to the 51 Sports professional staff. 

Also, to make you more visible, your site will be prominently listed on, the largest pavement short track site online and on the 51 Sports corporate site client's page.  

Make your presence known with the Presence Package by 51 Sports.

Features Include:
+ Custom photo shoot (photos are for you to keep)
+ Custom-designed site by 51 Sports (unlimited pages)
+ Website fully implemented and managed by 51 Sports
+ Unlimited updates with content you provide
+ Site prominently listed on and 51 Sports site

Do you want a 51 Sports custom-designed website that you completely manage?  Check out the Website 101 Packages by 51 Sports.  click here.